Current Ethiopian BIT’s

Bilateral investment treaties (BITs) are agreements between two countries for the reciprocal encouragement, promotion and protection of investments in each other’s territories by companies based in either country. Treaties typically cover the following areas: scope and definition of investment, admission and establishment, national treatment, most-favoured-nation treatment, fair and equitable treatment, compensation in the event of expropriation or damage to the investment, guarantees of free transfers of funds, and dispute settlement mechanisms, both state-state and investor-state.

This compilation is based on the electronic versions of BITs made available by a number of countries on their official websites, as well as the printed versions available from official national and international collections and publications. The collection may include texts of BITs that are no longer in force or agreements that have not yet entered into force.

  • Denmark and Ethiopia (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Germany (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Russian Federation (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Sudan (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Tunisia (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Netherlands (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Turkey (pdf)
  • Italy and Ethiopia (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Israel (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Yemen (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Malaysia (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Kuwait (pdf)
  • China and Ethiopia (pdf)
  • Finland and Ethiopia (pdf)
  • Switzerland and Ethiopia (pdf)
  • Belgium and Ethiopia (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea (pdf)
  • Spain and Ethiopia (pdf)
  • Ethiopia and United Kingdom (pdf)
  • Austria and Ethiopia (pdf)

All info from: UNCTAD

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