Eating in Ethiopia


One of the major backpacking circuits in the world is to explore central and northern Ethiopia. I was fortunate enough to see many of the highlights myself during my visit, but one thing struck me more than most: the unremarkable Ethiopian cuisine. Ethiopia is a beautiful country, but for a “westerner” there are some strange customs: no 24hr timekeeping, an almost undecipherable Amharic language, and a cuisine that does not seem to have much variety.


Ethiopians generally eat three meals a day with injera (a sourdough bread) as the centrepiece, on which many stews and dips will be placed. Berbere (a kind of spicy sauce) is the foundation of most dishes and stews. I tried quite  a few offerings on my travels in the country, and here are some that I remember most:

A traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony A traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony

Ethiopian Coffee provides an opportunity for people to enjoy coffee in a leisurely setting…

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