Ethiopia tourism industry infrastructure development

Tourism is Awesome

Can Ethiopia boost economic growth and eradicate poverty without ruining the very treasure it wants to promote?

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – A small plaque on this tiny deserted hillock deep in the forests of Kaffa, a province in western Ethiopia, bears an inscription in Amharic and English indicating that this is the birthplace of Ethiopia’s gift to the world: Arabica coffee, as locals will also confirm.

The plaque, hidden in the grass of the overgrown vegetation and invasive forest border, symbolises what has long hampered Ethiopia’s tourism industry. Despite a cultural, historical and linguistic identity quite distinct from the rest of Africa, Ethiopia never became a major tourist destination on the continent.

Where other countries would proclaim the news, beckoning tourists to come, Ethiopia never seemed that bothered by this fact. But this modest attitude is beginning to change.

68604bc5fb584f468607fc8b216f7f93_18In August this year the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism…

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