Ethiopia (1): Where science fiction becomes reality


Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing?

Can one really explain this? No.

~ Pablo Picasso

Ethiopia what have you done to me? It took me only four days to miss and appreciate my daily routine that I have back home. How many things we take for granted, we only realise when travel. Third day in Ethiopia and second day into the tour to Danakil Depression I was nearly hallucinating to go back to my pencil dresses, high heel shoes, favourite perfume scent and all the ordinary life that suddenly felt so luxurious. I was brutally ripped out of my comfort zone. Those who don’t know me, might get me wrong, but the truth is that I love and chase the challenge, if no other choice I can survive without running water for days (not that I enjoy that, who does?) and rarely I moan about inconvenience…

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