Regular hand washing can slash the prevalence of worm infections in children by 68%


Hand washing is a practice taught right from childhood at schools and home before eating or after play. Have you ever wondered why is it so important?

It is a well known fact that we share this planet with a variety of organisms from the size of blue whale to a tiny fruit fly. However, there is a world of microorganisms around us that is not seen by the naked eye. Thanks to the advancements in science and microscopy, we are able to visualize the world of micro organisms now. They are omnipresent- living in air, water, soil and even inside u and can be both useful and harmful for us.

Recently, a micro-organisms laden hand print created a stir on the internet and became viral. It depicted a petriplate showing the growth of micro organisms from the hand print of an 8-year old boy- son of Tasha Sturm, a lab technician by profession at Cabrillo College …

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