Teff: The world’s next super grain


At harvest time, in Ethiopia, farmers are seen using pitchforks and throwing dry grass (called LOVEGRASS) into the air in an ancient process known as “winnowing” to dislodge the seeds.  The seed or grain, in question, is called TEFF, the “world’s next super grain”.
MDG : Mounds of teff grain dry in fields in EthiopiaEthiopians have been growing and obsessing about TEFF for millennia, and it may become the NEW SUPER GRAIN (of choice) in Europe and North America, overtaking the likes of QUINOA & SPELT.
High in “protein” and “calcium” and “gluten-free”, TEFF is already popular on the international stage.  Yet, as TEFF is a staple foodstuff in Ethiopia, particularly when turned into a “grey flatbread (like a pancake) called INJERA”, the country currently has a long-standing ban on exporting the grain, either in its raw form or after it has been ground into flour.  Instead entrepreneurial Ethiopian Companies can, at present, only export INJERA and other cooked TEFF…

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