The Networked Economy Will Have A Significant Impact on Developing Country’s GDP

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Governments of developing countries have recognized that connecting to the networked economy is now possible. This has created the borderless society.

The borderless society offers the ability of free movement of goods services, capital and information. In addition, companies have the flexibility to employ individuals with the needed talents and skills from anywhere on the globe.Allen Global Consulting

As stated in The Vast Implications of the Networked Economy “The social benefits would be huge. Average annual incomes would rise by $600 per head, lifting 160 million people out of extreme poverty. Internet-based healthcare could save 2.5 million lives, and education for approximately 640 million children would be improved greatly. Mobile technology is already substantially impacting African countries, where mobile payment systems such as M-Pesa, which started in Kenya, are empowering the unbanked. Meanwhile, doctors and teachers are using text messages and other new tools to reach more people in need.”

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