Stimulating the use of farmer training centres in Oromia


Farmer training centres (FTCs) have been designed and used to improve agricultural extension services delivery in many developing countries. Ethiopia is promoting the FTC approach with the hope of improving the reach and effectiveness of agricultural extension and the participation of farmers in technology development.

Within the broader strategy of agricultural development-led industrialization (ADLI), it is envisioned that FTCs will contribute to general rural transformation in Ethiopia that would not be limited to agricultural development. Extension services ranging from capacity development on use of improved farming technologies (e.g. improved seed production techniques, improved agronomic practices, integrated pest management, animal husbandry and agroforestry, etc.) and providing market-oriented information and communication and advisory services, to name a few, would be provided through the FTC approach.

Non-functional Farmer Training Center (Photo:ILRI Zewdie Adane) Non-functional farmer training centre (Photo credit: ILRI Zewdie Adane).

In addition to providing information and improving communication and capacity development activities, the agricultural extension services at the FTCs will help in linking farmers with institutional support services…

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