Fun Facts A-Z About Ethiopia

Not a bad place to start…..

Same Skies Above

Addis Ababa – “New flower”. King Menelik II’s wife found a new flower growing where the Sheraton hotel now stands in the city, and coined the name of the city after the discovery.

Birr – the well-used currency of Ethiopia. Wash your hands after handling.

Castelli’s – Excellent Italian restaurant in the fancy Piassa district made famous by celebrity diners Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they were in town to adopt Zahara and better known locally for having extremely rude owners.

Dehna – “fine/well”. Also used as a general response in polite company to just about any question.

Ethio-cinema – Ethiopia’s film industry is second only to Nollywood, Nigeria’s booming film culture, among African countries, I was told. National blockbusters include A Guy’s Thing and A Guy’s Thing 2 (pictured below). Plots of these films involve a number of angry wives and pregnant ladies chasing men around town, but…

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