Take Your Protein Pills and Put Your Helmets On

Selam Selam

I have officially been elevated into a highly respected tier of hard core travelers as I book my place for a trip to Danakil Depression. Named as the most hostile place on earth, Danakil Depression is located in the northeastern corner of Ethiopia and encloses possibly some of the world’s hottest and lowest spots.

How did I end up on such a trip? I’m not even a good backpacker. I am terrified of traffic accidents. I can hardly ever sleep in a car I am not driving myself – instead I stare at the road obsessively. I do not enjoy danger and intensive social encounters tend to exhaust me. All things considered I have decided I am still doing the trip. I know I will never embark on such an adventure if I don’t do it now that I live here in Ethiopia.

Our trip begins in Bahir Dar from…

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