Eritrea on track to meet 6 out of 8 Millennium Development Goals

Ternafi Hade Libi

Written by Fikreyesus Amhatsion

According to reports East and Southern Africa remain the area most heavily affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, with 10 countries in the region accounting for 34% of the world’s HIV/AIDS cases. However, amidst these stark figures and though HIV/AIDS remains one of Africa’s most significant public health challenges, significant progress has been made. For example, prior to 2001, HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa was nearly nonexistent; yet by 2012, approximately 7.5 million Africans were receiving anti-retroviral therapy (ART).

As well, a 2013 UNAIDS report found that the annual number of new infections continues to decline, with especially sharp reductions in the number of children newly infected, while Africa has become a global leader in the drive to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV.

One African country with an especially strong record battling HIV/AIDS is Eritrea. Eritrea is on pace to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goal…

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