Christianity was in Africa before Europeans colonized?

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H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I Haile Selassie

We did a recent post where we stated that Christianity was brought to Africa during the colonization of the continent. Edward Sinclair, one of our readers brought to our attention that we were wrong. He said Christianity existed in Africa before the colonizers. In fact, he share a speech by H.I.M Majesty Emperor Selassie I gave that does talk about the existence of Christianity in Africa before the Europeans trespassed on her shores. Below I share is H.I.M’s Speech. Read it and see what you thing.

In ancient times, when the Faith of the whole Church was one, Our country had the closest relations with the Emperors of Christian Byzantium. At the time when several Christian Peoples in the North became subservient to non-Christian powers, our country gladly provided asylum to thousands of Christian refugees. It had equally given asylum from religious persecution at an earlier date…

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