Gardening: Blue Orchard Mason Bees

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The Blue Orchard Mason bee is a wonderful insect to have around your home. Encourage them to set up home in your garden and they will reward you by pollinating your fruiting plants. They are extremely productive and do not sting.


Mason bees are a solitary bee, meaning they don’t swarm or work together to build large communal nests. Each individual bee lays its eggs in holes in wood or mason and it partitions each egg off with its own supply of pollen by placing a layer of mud between each egg that it lays. (This is where they get their name) The eggs hatch and feed off the supply of pollen and nectar in which it was placed. This all happens in early spring when Pieris japonica are blooming. ie. They emerge around mid-February.


Orchard Bees usually make their nests in small holes around the garden in…

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