Ethiopian 2015 (and beyond) prospects appear very bright indeed!

With the appreciation of prices in the 3 main exports Ethiopia offers, it appears the sky’s the limit in 2015.

It seems all the stars have aligned quite nicely for Ethiopia as 2015 unfolds. The price of Arabica has achieved multi year highs, gold seems on a trajectory that appear poised to see upsides reaching the apex of 2012, while floriculture and agricultural productivity seem ready to fully hit their stride. The textile industry is exploding concurrently, with hydro power for domestic and regional sale not far behind. Things couldn’t be aligning better for Ethiopia and many nations could only wish they were so well positioned going forward.

Add to this what appears to be an upswing in agricultural commodities after some doldrums after the last two years, an upswing in green energy capital allotments, an upsurge in interest in African infrastructure funding, and a huge over-subscription in Ethiopia’s first foray into the sovereign bond market, and it would seem few have so much going for them through 2015 and beyond.

But they’re not done yet. With the collapse of world oil prices Ethiopia’s largest foreign reserve weight has taken from it’s shoulder to help give even more lift to it’s wings. This is a nation that has already been among the world’s top ten growth leaders the last decade and with the new realities coupling with all the work and directives now in place, Ethiopia is one of the few truly bright economies going forward.

With the second phase of it’s industrialization about to kick in come 2016, watch for even more incredible achievements. The progress that’s been seen in the last five years has been well beyond anyone else as measured by the UN Millennium Development Goals already, and they’re just getting started. It would do any smart investor their measure to seriously research this market and pick their spot now as many forward looking corporations already have.

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