Report: 168 Million Children Worldwide Were Laborers in 2013


The U.S. Labor Department reported Tuesday that globally last year 168 million children between the ages of 5- and 17-years-old were laborers, with many performing hazardous jobs.

A whopping 85 million of the 168 million child laborers in 2013 were performing hazardous labor in which their health or safety was compromised, reports the 13th edition of the annual Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor. Hazardous labor is one of four categories in the report classified as the “worst forms” of child labor, a designation that also includes slavery, sexual exploitation and other illegal or illicit activities.

“Behind these numbers are children wielding machetes to crack open cocoa pods; girls working as domestic servants in third-party homes doing laundry from dawn until dusk; and boys wading in puddles of mercury sifting for gold,” the report said.

The report also estimated that within this 168 million, there are at…

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