A reply to – Rio Tinto’s Big Blunder Puts Spotlight On Western Potash #potash

Luckily none of this concerns Allana Potash and ICL’s Ethiopian situation and only serves to highlight our favourable economics, etc…..

Potash Corp (owns 14% of Allana Potash’s new strategic partner ICL) just published a report today March 27 2014  Q1 2014 Market Analysis Report  that is very bullish on Sub Saharan Africa (starting on page 23). They are aware Africa has the strongest growth potential for potash in the world and Allana Potash is positioned better than anyone to capture those gains at present.

Prosperity Saskatchewan

It’s the context of the story that creates concerns.

It was not a “blunder” – there are Freehold mineral rights (as in “I own the minerals under my farm”) issues in at least 2 existing mines and several KPs (K is the scientific symbol for potassium or potash, so a KP is a potash permit). The Belle Plaine mine has some people that never sold/leased these rights so Mosaic mines around them. PotashCorp had some rights in Mosaic’s Esterhazy mine, so they get a slice of the profits. 30% – 50% of the land within a KP in southern Saskatchewan usually has these issues. It may have been good planning on behalf of Western to secure these rights in the past, but it was not a “blunder” by Rio Tinto.

Rio using “Tier One” as a description means the same as JSC Acron saying “world class” and/or…

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