Debunking Myths Around Farming in Africa

Foundation for Young Farmers

New technologies and ideas – from mobile phone information systems to new crop varieties – are rapidly transforming agriculture across Africa.

Yet the sector continues to be stereotyped as one synonymous with poverty and subsistence.

Simply put, people don’t believe it will pay a proper wage, let alone their children’s school fees or health bills. Farming is seen as a dead-end job, something of no interest to aspiring youth.

Following the theme of this year’s annual letter by Bill and Melinda Gates, I would like to debunk the myth that Africa’s farmers will always be poor.

In fact, there are huge opportunities for farmers. Yields of staple crops have steadily increased over the past decade and there is potential for them to increase by two or even three times more.

This would have a tremendous impact on farmers, their families, communities and economies. Research from around the world shows that…

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