A Major Partner For Allana Potash

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Small companies with big projects need and welcome major players in their sector. February 12, 2014 Allana Potash (T.AAA) announced a strategic partnership with Israel Chemicals Limited, ICL, one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers.

Making the announcement Farhad Abasov, President and CEO of Allana, commented, “We are pleased about our strategic alliance with ICL. This is a significant and defining milestone in our Company’s history, paving the path towards the transformation of Allana into a major, global potash producer. This strategic alliance is comprehensive and encompasses three major aspects that are critical to the success of a new potash project: 1) financial support; 2) a take-or-pay off take; and 3) technical cooperation.”

We spoke to Abasov on February 18.

“The most important thing about the strategic partnership is that it validates our Ethiopian project’s financial and technical aspects.” said Abasov.

We reported on Allana’s Danakhil project…

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