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“One of these junior miners is Allana Potash Corp, listed on the TSX. Allana’s flagship asset is its Ethiopia Potash Project in the Danakil depression in north-eastern Ethiopia. Ethiopian potash deposits in this region are well known and highly concentrated. The Danakil depression is an atypical potash reserve, making it comparatively easily accessible, and therefore less costly to extract. Given the recent changes to the potash market, potential off-takers and equity investors are increasingly interested in Allana’s low cost production potential.:

Issue 02 / November 2013 




In this second issue of Cultivate, we review Brazil’s renewed interest in Africa, consider the future of potash mining and take a look at the regulation of foreign investment in Australian agriculture.

We also set out the findings of AGRA’s Africa Agriculture Status Report and review various legal developments including proposals for food regulation in Canada and food packaging restrictions In Australia.

We invite you to read about these recent developments affecting the food and agribusiness industry and welcome your thoughts on new areas to cover in future issues.


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