Allana Potash – Mining Ancient Sea Beds For Answers To United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals

In the Desolate Danakhil Depression of Ethiopia‘s Afar Region, Life Again Crystallizes Through Allana Potash’s Solution to East Africa‘s Needs

Allana Potash is bringing greater opportunities and hope to the people of the villages of Hamad Ela and Berhale

By cambodine – 14 March, 2013

Through ancient times as the sea came and went from what is now called the Danakhil Depression, leaving behind more of it’s potassium riches each time, a treasure of life was being formed in layers which now lie as a gift to the people of Ethiopia. Through the expertise and commitment of Allana Potash, Ethiopia’s government and the people of northern Afar, this wealth of potash is now finally destined to nourish the fields of it’s Mother land and the lives of it’s people.

On February 12, 2013, Allana Potash and Ethiopia’s Agricultural Transformation Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining a program whereby Allana will fund $200,000 each year for 2 years of blended fertilizer to be dispensed to certain smallholder farmers free of charge. The third year of the program will see Allana provide approximately $300.000-$400,000 of potash from it’s new mine, assuming and dependent upon it being operational at that time.

It is hoped and expected by the time the agreement has run it’s course the trials and results will demonstrate to all parties the benefits supplementary and optimal fertilization can and will have on production, quality and nutritional content in the crops produced, and through the complimentary installation of three new custom fertilizer blending facilities, outlets to achieve optimal productivity going forward with regard to fertilizer usage. Seeds, irrigation, mechanization, access to markets and financing, etc. are also important aspects to achieve the agricultural goals laid out in the Ethiopian Growth and Transformation Plan, and are addressed to varying degrees through other associations.

Abuja Declaration on Fertilizer for the African Green Revolution:

Relevant Data:

Apart from trying to begin to nurture and develop a relationship with farmers through the free fertilizer program, Allana Potash has increasingly been making a difference where it can in the daily lives of employees and villagers where they operate in the form of jobs, health care, education, meals for kids, water for the community, and provision of resources and/or communications to respond to emergencies if needed. With this in mind, here are just a few random comments some people gave when asked what sort of guest Allana Potash has been to them over the last 3 plus years….

Halima Mohamed (Local Woman from Hamad Ela Village)

“My daughter was employed with Allana and when she got sick they helped her so much. Allana treated her at their clinic and took her to Mekelle to hospital for further treatment. Sadly she passed away but I am still grateful to Allana for the help they gave to try and save her life.”

Asia Habib

“There have been many changes since the arrival of Allana Potash. Allana has come to our village and our kids are encouraged to study by the support of the company through their teacher and the meals they give our kids. I am please Allana is here and believe they will help even more in the future”

 Awal Husein (Elder)

“Since the company settled here we get many different services such as emergency health care, employment and many businesses start in Hamad Ela. Allana has lots of plans for the future and I believe they will do many good things to work with the community and government.  

Allana Potash’s Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) Guidelines$File/Dallol%20ESAP%20FINAL.pdf

Allana Potash Project: Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment

Full Comprehensive Report  –

Going forward, Allana Potash seems eager to work even closer with all parties concerned, while adhering to the ethical and operational best practices International Finance Corporation (IFC) demands of itself and all it’s associates. Great achievements await in coming years through the development of Ethiopia’s human & natural resources and agricultural landscapes, and with the cooperation and goodwill of Allana Potash, it’s partners, employees, the Ethiopian government and it’s agencies, and international organizations and funds, successes are building and the future is very bright indeed!

Interview with Ethiopian Mines Minister  Madame Sinkinesh Ejigu

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